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I Remain Sceptical About Squirting
Posted By Admin on 06/01/20 | Blogged Under: Porn Discount

I’ve never made a woman squirt and as such have I never seen it with my own eyes and I can’t help but wonder when I see pics like this one if it isn’t deliberately exaggerated by the porn industry. I mean, just about everything they do is based on a fake reality, it’s all about fantasy, so why not this too.

Thenagain, there are so many of these videos out there that it would surely have been common knowledge if it was fake, I wouldn’t have needed to wonder about it. The moment you’re passed the very obvious few pics that somehow make it through when it is very clearly just a girl pissing, you then reach a degree of consistency with the content.

While I am fascinated with it however I found this “get 51% off now with a Squirted discount” page and I’ve decided to have a closer look… for science you know.

Turns out it’s a pretty damn decent site and they offer a lifetime option on their discount if you remove it month-to-month. Inflation free forever, where else could you ever get a deal like that?

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