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Asian Girls are Good at Everything
Posted By Admin on 11/27/18 | Blogged Under: Porn Discount

During my Sophomore year of high school, Lily moved to town. I grew up in a small, white town with only the tiniest bit of diversity. When an Asian family moved onto our street and the kids started going to our school, everyone took notice. People were curious, some were critical, and other kids could be mean. I was in lust.

I thought Lily was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She didn’t have many friends and always seemed buried in books that first year. The second year, she socialized more and I tried getting her to notice me, but she didn’t. She wasn’t interested in guys with popularity. She was interested in smart guys with wealthy families. I was pretty average, so didn’t think I stood a chance.

Senior year things changed. She had problems at home, and she caught a boyfriend cheating. Other kids bullied her for her eyes. I was there as Mr. Nice Guy, ready to defend her. Suddenly she noticed me.

We had lots of sex whenever we could for a couple of weeks until her mom caught us. Then we were forbidden to see each other ever again and Lily refused to even look at me. That was fine though. I’d fucked my first Asian girl and it started a life-long infatuation with them.

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Show These Sluts Who’s Boss
Posted By Trendy on 11/08/18 | Blogged Under: Hardcore Porn

Have you ever hired a babysitter? They’re usually teens and college-aged girls looking to make a few extra bucks to watch kids and maybe tidy up around the house while the adults are gone. But some bosses like to put hidden cameras around the home to make sure the babysitter isn’t fucking off on the job or stealing things. Makes sense, right?

Well, NannySpy.com uses this premise and takes it to a whole new naughty level. This site combines the taboo of fucking the slutty babysitter with the voyeurism/exhibitionism you get from webcam porn. Imagine the Dad getting home a bit early before his wife arrives. Then he ends up seducing the young cock-teaser but you get to watch all the hardcore action from the hidden camera. This makes the scene look more believable like you’re really stumbling upon an adulterous scandal. Of course these scenes are staged, but the quality performers sell the fantasy extremely well.

This is one of the hottest new niche sites and you’re going to want to get this Nanny Spy discount for up to 67% off while the deal lasts.

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